Best Horse Betting Tips Online and How to Cash in More Money

Best Horse Betting Tips Online

If you have never experienced the thrill and excitement that comes with horse betting then I will suggest this fun activity should be added to your list of “yet to be experienced” events. Betting on horses comes with even more attraction and pleasure if you like these amazing beasts called horses. Apart from the excitement, there is a lot of money to be won on bets too, I have learned some useful tips over the years and I will be happy to share them with you here. Using these horse betting tips will increase your chances of winning bets.

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Categories of bets

There are basically two main categories of bets when it comes to horse racing, you can choose from either the straight wagers or the exotic wagers. Your choice will depend on your experience in betting; amateurs should choose to begin their horse betting experience with the straight wagers. It is easy and straight forward, for as low as $2 you can place bets on the probability of your chosen horse finishing at any position between first and third.

The more experienced gamblers bet on the exotic wagers, this category permits placing more than one bet in one single wager for the different horses taking part in the race. This will require a lot of experience and information about the horses that are part of the race. Winning the wager here is more difficult but entirely worth it because the payout is usually very rewarding.

Overview – Straight Wagers

You are permitted to place bets on a single horse for this wager. The following features will apply-

Declaring a Win– after placing your bet, you will be eligible to claim your win if the horse you placed a bet on finishes first in the race.

A Place Bet– A place bet is a better option for beginners who need to reduce the chances of losses. In this bet, you choose a horse that is predicted to finish either first or second at the end of the race. This payout for this bet is lower than the straight wager, however; you stand more chances of winning even if your bet comes second.

A Show Bet– For the careful gamblers, a show bet allows you to place bets on a horse under the prediction that it will finish either first, second or third. There are higher chances of winning here but the payout is not as rewarding.

Betting across the Board– The betting system has been made flexible to allow people have more options to place bets. Betting across the board basically means your bets are placed to cover the three categories above- win, place and show bets. This means for a bet under this category, if your horse comes first you will sweep the wins accrued to the three categories. If your bet comes second, your win only covers the place and show benefits and for a third place finish, you will only benefit from the winning conditions attached to the show bets. This betting system increases your chances of winning but it is more expensive to place because the wager amount will cover the three categories. This means at a minimum bet of $2, you will be required to pay $6 to cover betting across the three categories individually charged at $2.

Win/Place, Place/Show (Combination Bets) – these are other categories of multiple horse betting. Similar to betting across the board, you will be permitted to choose only two bet categories for this play. With the right information on your preferred horse, you can choose to bet either on win/place or place/show. Correctly predicting a win, makes you eligible for the prizes of both the win and place bets but if your bets come second, you will only be eligible to secure the payout for the place bet. This also applies to the Place/Show bets. The wager for these bet categories is double because two bets categories have been combined to form the package.

Exotic Wagers

The exotic bets are more profitable for the experienced people who can successfully place the multiple bets and win. The chances of winning these bets, however, are not very high.

Making your selection

You have the option to place multiple bets here so the choice of horses should be very carefully made. The act of making a selection among the racing horses is commonly referred to as handicapping horses. There are many suggestions on how this can be successfully done to enjoy big payout but it basically depends on luck and the amount of information you have to make a better-informed decision. Handicapping is fun, especially when you know what you have to look out for.

Handicapping Horses

There is a wealth of information contained in the race day publications, you will get useful information about the horses like their history, statistics, health status etc. this information is organized to cover the horses for specific races. Daily reading the race day program will reveal useful information with which you can place bets with high chances of winning.

Look out for the odds-

The odds for each horse partaking in a race are indicated by the horses’ name. There is usually a horse marked out as the favorite while you should observe those horses with the lowest odds, they are your best bet to win. You can play safe by choosing to place your bet on the marked favorite horse; they usually win too from ongoing statistics.

Observe how the horses act in the paddock-

The paddock is the area where horses that will take part in a race are kept in view of the public. I prefer using this handicapping method because it gives me a good chance to study the horses.

I really love this part. What you are looking out for is the behavior of the horses. The goal here is to spot the most composed horse that isn’t showing any signs of anxiety. This should be your pick, avoid the horses that are sweating profusely, sweating noticed around the kidney region is an indication of a health challenge so avoid this horse if you see it. Sweating is easily noticeable from afar; it leaves dark spots on the horse’s body. You should also avoid the horse that seems restless- running around the paddock; it is wearing itself out before the race has even begun.

So, now you know spotting a champion isn’t so hard. You just need to know what to look out for.

Final tips

While some people try to play safe by placing bets on all the races indicated on the card for the day, this is not a wise decision because you might win some but the odds that you will lose more is higher. What you should focus on is how to spot a winner and placing two or three bets with high chances of winning.

I have personally used these tips over the years and they work. I wish you all the best while you try them out and remember, don’t forget to have a great time every time you go betting on horse races.

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