Sports Betting – Betting 101 – All You Should Know and Have

                              All You Should Know About Sports Betting – Betting 101

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                                                 Origin of Sports betting

Sports are being used for betting all over the world from a long known time. History shows that both Greeks and Roman civilizations practiced betting in their sports. The 19th century is considered as the birth century of betting in the United States of America. Horse racing was the most considered sport to bet on in the 19th century which also is a popular sport for betting these days. In the 20th century the betting on horse racing reached its peak. Other than that, Baseball also got famous and was a successive sport to bet on in those days. These days with the advent of Television, the internet, and other social networks – these have made it feasible for bettors to bet on different sports like football, cricket, basketball and many other games.

Types of sports betting (“Different Types Of Sports Bets”)

  • Straight bets

         It is the most basic bet in sports. It is also considered as the most common gamble placed by the officials. You have to pick favorites or underdogs to bet on. The favorites have to win with a margin and the underdogs have to just win outright.

  • Total line bets

         In this type, a number is set for the final score combining both the teams. You bet on whether the actual score will stay under that number or goes above.

  • Money line bets

         In money line bet you are just picking a team to win. The amount of betting on the favorites and underdogs is different. This bet is present for all kind of sports.

  • Parlay bets

         Picking up two or more options in a single bet is parlay bet. The betting odds are adjusted on the total number of picks.

  • Teaser bets

        A twist on a parlay is a teaser bet, but now you can squeeze the spread of point in your favor for an amount money roll.

  • Head to Head bets

         This means betting on two competitors and just analyzing who is winning and getting higher points…

Meaning and Calculation on stakes of betting decimals

             There are two types of odds in sports, fractional and decimal. The explanation of both are as follows:

  • Fractional odds

      These odds are usually shown as 2/7 or 1/10. It is basically referred to as how much money you are putting at stake to win how much money. It means that “how much you are going to win/how much is at stake”. This is the process of calculating your fractional odds and your potential returns.

((Money at stake/denominator) + numerator) + stake

Simply if you bet 10USD at 1/10 you get ((10/10) + 1) + 10=12USD

  • Decimal odds

       Fractional odds are a bit confusing but decimal odds are bit easy to understand. It is an easy calculation and your stakes are added automatically in your returns. 2.0 in decimal odds is considered as even money while less than 2.0 is odd. There are no such odds of less than 1.0.

The equation for calculating returns is very simple as it includes the stakes.

Stake x odds

For an instance betting 10USD for winning 4.5 means you get

10 x 4.5= 45USD

How to invest in Sports Betting and Win most times

             Sport betting is obviously a two-way approach; one day you think you are glorifying in the field and getting all the money, making you think that you will win, win, win and only win. And after few days you think that you are the only person in the world who cannot be a winner in this field. Well, it happens in life. Ups and downs. Here are some strategies you can adopt to keep up the winning streak in this field.

  • Long-term focus

          Long-term focus is no doubt a difficult strategy but this is how you are going to start winning most of the bets.

  • Seek advice from pro’s

          Well, that is a great strategy seeking advice from pro’s as it means getting help from their experience. You just have to watch out whose advice you need to go for a bet. Obviously, the one who is related to that sport and that field.

  • Money management

           If you are eager to take sports betting as a profession and make money out of it for a long period of time, then it is highly recommended that you have an alternative bankroll for this purpose.


7 Best International betting sites to sign up – depositing and withdrawing funds

                   Well, coming online for anything you will find too many fakers who are just going to ditch you and make your money come out of your pocket to theirs just for nothing. So, be very careful while betting especially online. So according to the reviews here is the list of the top 7 sites for betting.

  1. BET365

     This site gives 100% deposit bonus up to 200USD, licensed and regulated in the UK.


     They claim that they give 50% deposit bonus on 1000USD. Members can enjoy any kind of betting in every sport.


       BETONLINE has seen so many changes throughout the origin of its time. They also give 50% bonus up to 1000USD. It is registered in Panama City.


        SPORTSBETTING is also registered in Panama City. And it also gives 50% bonus up to 1000USD. It stands at 4th number in sports book review.

  1. 5DIMES

         They say Earn up to 520USD in free play rewards. 5th on the list.


          Established in 1997 which are the starting days of online sports betting, this site is older than many others.


         No 1 in the UK, this is also a great site for sports betting.


ADVICE: Sports Betting has loads of potentials to make anyone extremely rich, however you have to play it like business and avoid treating it as gambling.

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