USA Betting, the best Online USA Sportsbooks and Strategy to Play WINS all time

Also the USA Sportsbook to avoid at all cost – read thru to the end to save yourself…

This content applies to USA sports bettors and also to all dedicated sports bettors worldwide…

Sport betting in America is one of the fastest growing betting markets in the world!

This brief article reveals some of the best sportsbook USA citizens can register with, and make good money earning online while betting on their games.

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Back to Online Sportsbooks for Americans: A lot of Americans now make considerable amount of monies in their leisure time, with those who know how to combine the right sports betting strategies and systems earning as much as 5 and 6 figures every month.

Betting on Sports is legal and honorable when you approach it from a business point of view and not some blind gambling stuff!

So to business of the day; below are Best Sportsbooks for USA Sports Betting and also ones to avoid:

The Best to Use:

  1. 5Dimes

    (All USA sports bettors accepted) – This the number 1 on our list and highly recommended (We love 5Dimes, and it offers you loads of bonuses). Click here to check it out or Join

  2. Bovada

    (All USA sports bettors welcome except New Jersey, Nevada, Delaware, New York & Maryland states)

  3. BetOnline Sportsbook

    (All US states bettors can join)

  4. MyBookie

    (All American states bettors accepted)

  5. Intertops

    (All US states bettors allowed except Maryland, Washington, New York, Louisiana, Missouri, New Jersey, Kentucky)


    (All American bettors welcome)

Not from USA? Bet365
(Best for all other nationalities)

The USA sportsbook to avoid:

The following sportsbook were blacklisted by several online legitimate sports betting sites and not to be interpreted as any form of biased listing by us. We have had one or two complaints from folks who have had bad experience with them…

  1. BET US Sportsbook

If you already have an account with this company, please close it now – so you don’t cry sooner.

  1. Bookmaker and Diamond Sportsbook

These two are owned by same company, and should be highly shunned. Research shows they are crooks and will make you regret. So in one line, run from and

  1. Betrevolution Sportsbook

  2. Linesmaker Sportsbook

  3. WSEX Sportsbook

Hope this content help a lot of folks in USA sportsbetting get it correctly!


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